How it All Began

Frank Capparelle with his dogs
Frank Capparelle with his dogs

I remember standing motionless staring at the bulged hood of a Hugger Orange 1969 Camaro RS SS. The crisp chrome trim around the lightly green tinted windows framed the hounds tooth interior perfectly. It looked like jewelry. As I stared at this modern work of art my friend’s father, who was the steward of this object of my affection said to me, “This passion for automobiles is going to cost you 10% of your life’s earnings”. I think he was being kind with this figure. For me, the story of the car was as captivating as the car itself. The car only had one owner until my friend’s father purchased it. It had been the family’s prized possession.

After graduating college, I took the sensible route, and went to work for the family business, which I enjoyed for many years. My love for vehicles was sidelined as a hobby. As my career advanced my hobby continued to take up a larger amount of time. I started to market vehicles for friends for fun. The love of these vehicles quickly became far more enticing than my career. I was approached by my Dad’s best friend to sell his prized, one owner, 1971 Formula 400 Firebird. The car had 7625 original miles. It was a frozen in time original car. I found the perfect person to treasure and care for it. I loved the feeling of treating the automobile as art. I made sure potential buyers knew the story of its past.

Shortly after the sale of the Firebird I was asked to sell a very special two owner 1963 Jaguar XKE by a couple that purchased it in 1964. It was a totally original car that had become central to the couple’s life story. Carol Lynn, and Tom had lived their lives with this car. The sale of this car was important. It had to go to the right person, and the story of its stewardship must be passed on properly. The Jaguar was purchased by the perfect guy. He is lovingly bringing the car back to show ready status.

Once these two sales were completed I decided that after 23 years it was time to sell my insurance business, and begin Treasured Transportation. My hobby is now my full-time passion.

Treasured Transportation is an automobile marketing company. Born out of the idea that vehicles are treasured art pieces that when properly presented, can sell for more money. I specialize in unique, and special vehicles. You may have one of these and not even know it. The classic cars used to be Duesenbergs and 57 Chevys. Now it could be a Toyota Pickup, an 80’s Cadillac Coupe Deville, or any number of vehicles from more modern times. I love selling classics, and will continue to do so. As new generations of car lovers grow up and look to find their dream car the market for special vehicles grows.

I want to help people sell your unique, and special vehicle. I will value the car, create a marketing plan, and walk sellers through a positive sale experience. Throughout the process I will treat the buyer, and the seller with the utmost respect. I will seek out qualified buyers to make sure the transaction is smooth and free of drama. All of this at a price that is reasonable and fair.