1981 Lancia Beta

1981 Lancia Beta Zagato

1981 Lancia Beta Zagato-  Purchased new in Wichita Kansas at Don Schmid Motors on May 27th, 1982.   This Lancia has always been in the same family, and has never been a regular use vehicle.  This has saved it from rust, as well as daily use damage.  Each member that owned it has cared for it at the highest level. 

Condition report: 

Body and Paint:  The paint appears original.  I have paint meter reading in a Google album showing each panel.  The paint thickness ranges from 3.0 to 5-1 which is normal original paint thickness. There are some minor flaws.  Two small dents to the driver’s door.  No paint breakage.  I would call these pushes.  These may be able to be pulled out by a good paintless dent repair person.  There are small acid stains on the driver’s fender.  Both flaws are noted in the Google Album.  The paint shines fantastically. 

Chassis:  The chassis shows close to new.  We cleaned it up, and the original red paint and undercoating display nicely.  The original paint and pencil marks are still on the various suspension items.  The rear struts are worn. The car has a slight bounce when driving.  We have just installed new Hankook tires about 50 miles ago.   Brakes were done in 2016 (receipt on file) 

Motor and Transaxle:  The motor starts and runs well.  It is very cold blooded.  Once warmed up it will drive well and pull hard in each gear.  This Lancia just passed the California emission test last month.  The clutch engages at the top.  I have gone through the multiple pages of receipts and I do not see that it has been replaced.  With only 22,000 miles it is very plausible the clutch is original.  The engine compartment displays excellent.  The electric thermostatic fan works perfectly.  I have a new plastic cover for the fuse box that was not installed when the pictures were taken. It will come with the car.

Interior: The interior of this car is excellent.   The leather is soft, and the dash has no cracks.  The power window switches are no-op. The AC is blowing cool, but more R12 Freon might get it colder.  The gauges appear to work properly except for the gas gauge.  The gas gauge reads about a ¼ of a tank higher. The Targa top is easy to remove, and the rubber is perfect.  The rubber gaskets on the car are all beautiful.  The back window folds and locks properly.   The tonneau cover for the back window is in great shape.  The carpet, door panels and plastic interior pieces are all excellent. 

Trunk:  The inside of the trunk displays close to new.  The trunk floor is excellent.  The original tool kit, and spare tire are included.  The trunk lid underside still has the paint sticker from the factory displaying Rosso Corsa color code 851/F.   All the carpet and Styrofoam underlayment look close to new. 

Documentation:  This car has an excellent documented history along with a clean Carfax that verifies the low miles. 

Documents included : The original purchase agreement, owner’s manual, owner identification cards.  Also included are all the maintenance records from when it was new.  Oil changes were done regularly.   The service receipts are in the Google album for your review. 

My impression of this car is that it would be an amazing preservation candidate for Italian cars shows.  It’s so well preserved, documented, and maintained. 

Have a full Google Gallery with over 200 pictures and some videos showing this Lancia Beta Zagato in great detail.   Please text me your email address and I will send you and invite.  I have a clean Carfax for this car as well that I can email to you.    

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