1991 BMW 3-series

1991 BMW 325 IC

Relisted due to a non performing non responsive buyer.  If you have interest in the BMW please call me. 

1991 BMW 325IC Purchased new in Tucson this BWM remained with the original owner until 2008.  In 2008 it was purchased by the current owner.  It has a one inch thick binder of maintenance evidencing that it has been looked over properly.  The last few years it was relegated to sitting in the garage so its time to be sold.  I am selling this car for the owner whom is a customer of my detail shop.  We have worked on the car over the last 14 years.  I have it in my possession if anyone would like to have it inspected.   I will detail the condition below.  I have driven it extensively giving me the ability to to give the good and the bad.  Please understand I will be critical but that is not license to consider this a run of the mill BMW beater.  It is anything but that.  It does have 151,000 miles which is not low, but I am also not looking for 50,000 mile example pricing.  When comparing to the other cars available that are not super low mileage examples I am sure they have many of the same issues, but the sellers are not straight forward enough to tell the buyers the truth.

Body:  Very nice paint.  There is evidence of a repaint.  I believe to be a complete repaint.  There are minor flaws on the trunk as well as a small dent in the rear valance., I have pictures of these in my Google album which I can provide you an invite to if you message or text me your email address.   The glass is very good with the exception of the windshield which has a 1/2 inch star and some sand chipping. 
Interior:  The interior is very nice.  The dash has no cracks.  The radio currently has  “code” displayed, but it has been non op on and off for 10 years.  The on board computer is non opp.  The test light system on the headliner is working properly.  The power top functions properly if used manually.  The motor is getting tired.  The seat material was chosen by an ex girlfriend.  The material is in good shape with the exception of a rip on the lower drivers seat bolster.  The drivers seat adjustment raising and lowering is not working.  The gear ship knob is detached.  I believe its missing the top bracket. It function properly and looks correct but you can pull it up.  . All of the power windows and locks work. 
Engine and transmission:  Pulls hard in all gears.  I believe the clutch is original and it works as designed.  The valves have just been adjusted, and it runs great.   The AC works perfectly. 
Suspension and chassis:  Excellent chassis.  Beautiful on the bottom is what I would say.  It does have a thin layer of undercoating over some of the bottom.  The suspension components still show stickers,  grease marks, and numbers applied by the factory.  The steering wheel does not shake and the car tracks and handles well, but I believe fresh struts might really get it back to new condition. 
I have a Google Link that I can share with you if you provide your email address via Ebay message or text to my phone.  602-908-9267.  I have shown the car in great detail in this album including the flaws. I also have a few videos of me test driving this BMW. 
Please call me to ask any questions, make an appointment to see it, and of coarse make an offer. 

My auction almost always end early due to a sale. 

You can reach me at 602-908-9267.


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