2008 Lexus ISF

2008 Lexus ISF One Owner 6600 Miles

2008 Lexus ISF – Original owner purchased this car new June 16th 2008 from Lexus of Mishawaka Indiana.  He has now passed away.  This car was part of a collection of Lexus automobiles that he kept in a temperature controlled garage.  None of these cars were driven on a daily basis.  The Gentleman walked to work.  Even in blizzards.  This car as well as  the other Lexus were his babies.  Put away during the winter and driven sparingly in the summer.  Each had a maintenance log documenting each time it was driven, how many miles, and each service item that was attended to.  The Maintenance was done on time not miles. The records are handwritten, and come with the car along with all the books, records, and window sticker.   This beautiful example of an ISF has never been in an accident, has absolutely no rust, and never has had any paint work.   
I am representing the family for the liquidation of this collection.  The buyer will be the second owner.  All communication will go through me.   A clean Carfax is available upon request.  Please call me if you would like to receive additional information or disuses this ISF.  I can be reached at 602-908-9267.
Options on this car:
Headlight Washers   100.00
Navigation/Mark Levinson Package 3990.00
Intuitive Parking assist  500.00
All Weather Package  109.00
Preferred Accessory Package -trunk mat and net  210.00
XM Satellite Radio  486.00
Total Sales Price 62,160.00
The below is taken from the handwritten records for the car.  
June 16th 2008 – Purchased From Lexus of Mishawaka , Miles on the car 52 at home, installed floor mats in car.
June 17th 18th waxed car
July 1, 2008 Had stripe kit installed on car, miles 229
July 3rd, 2008 Installed New License Plate on car $555 eee  Miles 249
July 15, 2008 Took car to dealer to have 30 day inspection & program customized Features changed, miles 342  Averaged 25.3 miles /gallon For complete trip (150.5 miles) total miles (420) 
November 19,2008 Took to dealer to have the 5000 mile or 6 month service done, changed oil & replaced oil filter, check other items miles 1143 
May 1 2009  Out of storage miles 1235 miles driven in 2009 1409 .  placed in storage with 2643
May 1 2010 Out of storage[ changed oil & replaced filter, 7.8 QTS Valvoline 5w-30 & 2 quarts dura lube 10w 30.  STP oil filter, checked other items OK.  Miles 2648
June 8 2010– Took to Dealer in Ft Wayne to replace pedal & reflash the ECU for Brake Override Control (per Lexus) miles 2840.
Sept 12 2010– checked engine air filter- blew out with compressed air-looks good. Miles 3397.
May 12, 2011 Out of Storage Miles 3709 November 11 in storage 4335
May 3rd, 2012 Out of Storage Drove 5 miles & then changed oils and oil filter 9.8 Qts Phillips 66 TropArtic 5w 30 & Fram oil filter. Blew out cabin filter.  Looks very good, checked out other items  OK Miles 4340
May 7 2013 -out of Storage  Miles 4687
Oct 18, 2013 – In Storage 5180
May 3 2014 –  Out of Storage Drove 5 miles & then changed oils and oil filter 9.8 Qts Phillips 66 TropArtic 5w 30 & Fram oil filter. Blew out cabin filter.  Looks very good, checked out other items  OK To Ft Wayne Lexus to have safety recall- replaced wiper arm nuts, replaced internal trunk lever miles 5277
Dec 31 Miles 5536
May 2 2015– Out of Storage Miles 5536
July 17 2015– To Fort Wayne Lexus. Miles 5716 Replace Fuel Pressure Gasket T-1504004-35238 replacement kit, FUE, Replace screws in cooling fans 1-04004-54131 Replacement Kit fan 5 hrs 7 22 minutes.  miles @ home 5774.
Oct 19 2015 In storage miles 5866
May 1 2016 – Out of Storage Miles 5866
May 27 2016 – Put Armor all on all door seals under hood & trunk.  Also on some items in car & all items under car.  Put leather conditioner on seats, miles 6005
Oct 11 2016  In Storage miles 6130
May 10 2017 – Out of Storage- Changed Oil & Replaced Oil filter 9.8 qts 5w 30 motor oil.  Fram oil filter – blew out cabin air filter & engine air filter.  Put armor all on all rubber parts under car.  checked other items- ok- miles 6133.  runs very good. 
June 6 2017 To Ft Wayne Lexus to have air bag (pass) side replaced (re call) miles 6255.  at home low tire pressure warning light came on Pressure is Ok tire pressure sensor battery bad. 
The car was placed in storage in 2017.  We believe he took it out in 2018 and changed the oil.  He was unable to take it out in 2019 due to illness.  Currently this ISF runs and drives perfectly.    There is a video of me driving it as of September 7th 2019 in the Google Album.  Mileage as of the video was 6672. 
If you had always wanted to purchase a ISF new but were unable.  This car is as close to new as available in the US today.  As you may be aware these have become very collectible.  If you have interest in the car I suggest you give me a call.  I am selling the complete collection for the family.  The car is still located safely in the temperature controlled garage.  This will not be a cheap bargain ISF, but the best typically is not.   

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