Looking to Sell Your Classic Vehicle?
It's Easy as 1, 2, 3, !

1. Value Vehicle

Work together with us to value your vehicle. An accurate valuation is dependent on the vehicle's history and documentation. At Treasured Transportation, this valuation is typically an amount considerably more than you might expect.

2. Prepare Vehicle for Sale

As we approach an agreement on a price, one of our agents will COME TO YOU for a FREE IN PERSON APPRAISAL. During this appraisal we photograph the car and make sure it's ready to sell.

3. Sell Vehicle

We will work together to write a compelling description of the car based on its unique story. We advertise the car and talk to buyers. Once sold, the money goes DIRECTLY TO YOU. If you want it out of your hands quicker, we may even buy it ourself.

Car Specifications

Max: 10 Photos

Why Us?

Do you have a car in the garage? Hidden under a cover? Something you haven't used in a long time... You may have loved it and it was your treasured possession, but now it's time to go. I sell cars for you. I do it differently than most consigners. I work with YOU to get what YOU want. Together we will value the car and take photos. Then I find buyers. If that doesn't work fast enough for you, I may be willing to buy the car myself. I can't wait to hear from you.